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Ending your marriage by Divorce involves a contested hearing in Family Court. 



Custody, Shared Parenting, Parenting Agreements. 



Ending your marriage by Dissolution involves reaching a full agreement prior to filing documents in Family Court. 


Child Support, Spousal Support, Retirement Allocation, Medical Costs, etc. 



An agreement made prior to marriage. 



Contempt of Court Orders, Relocation, etc. 






I have been a family law attorney in Ohio since 1998.  I have seen many lower and moderate-income clients struggle to afford the cost of legal representation. More often than not, they could not afford it and had to go it alone. My vision is to change that. My vision is to provide affordable options to help people navigate the legal process through limited legal services and legal coaching. 

Limited legal services means- just that – limited services.  I can help you handle some of the different steps of your case and charge you an agreed upon flat rate. You pay for just the services you need.

Legal coaching is a way for you to get the information you need without hiring me to perform legal services for you.  Legal coaching can be set up in single hourly sessions or in session packages; how we do it depends on what you need.

Most meetings are by virtual conferencing or telephone. I offer flexible appointment times. My legal services & legal coaching are for family law matters in Ohio.*

*I also offer divorce coaching for those of you  who have an attorney or those not in Ohio .  More information about those services can be found at: 



Margaret Smith Replogle, Esq. 

Tel: (614) 961-2135

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"R.L." Client

I was trying to do the Court paperwork  on my own - it was very confusing, especially the  parenting plan and child support documents. I hired Attorney Replogle to help me. She is great to work with and I only had to pay for the help I needed. 

"D.B." Client

My husband and I  were in complete agreement  that it was time to end our marriage. We even agreed on how we wanted to divide our debts and bank accounts. I started to fill out forms I found online  - then I realized I was not even sure I had the right forms! Attorney Replogle provided me legal guidance and I was able to complete the forms and file everything myself!  Hiring her took the guesswork out of what I needed to do and gave me peace of mind. 

"C.M." Client

I hired Attorney Replogle to help me in my dealings with the Child Support Agency. I had paid child support directly to my daughter's mom but the Child Support Agency would not give me credit for it, even though my ex agreed that it should count towards what I am ordered to pay. Attorney Replogle knew exactly what needed to be done and her legal fees were very fair.